Paul Doherty's Question and Answer Archive was a question and answer site that was in operation for about three to four years.  The purpose of the site was to function as a live proof of concept site for the software product of the corporation.  Anyone on the internet could ask questions on just about any topic you can think of, from gardening to computing to nuclear physics.  The way the site worked was people who have expertise in an area registered themselves as experts in that topic.  Then they provided background on why they had expertise and any credentials, degrees, or experience they have that applies.  Once registered as an expert in a topic any user visiting the site may ask a question in that topic of any particular expert, or they may ask the question in the general question board for that topic (where any registered expert of that topic may answer it).  Once a question is answered the person who asked the question can ask followup questions if they are not satisfied with the answer.  Once they are done the questioner can assign a "star" rating to the expert, to indicate how well the question was answered.  So what happened in the long run was as an expert answered more and more questions in a topic his average star rating (from 1 to 5 stars) in each topic became a more and more reliable indicator of his/her knowledge of that subject matter.  And as your rating increased more questioners would seek out your answers in that topic., in the first couple of years, offered awards for the top experts in various topics (categories usually chosen at random each quarter) that consisted of t-shirts and cash awards.  I won several different times; several as a leader in various topics, and once for being in the overall top-ranking experts of the site.  I spent 3 years on the site, answering approximately 4000 questions during that time.  When shut the doors on the free site, to pursue selling the same product in the corporate marketplace, they gave us experts all of our question and answer sessions in a text file format.  Below are the links to my various archives for both my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for various topics, and the bulk of all the questions and answers given by me in each topic. I hope you find this to be a useful resource. The info is quite old but I leave it up here for nostalgia reasons...



Computers for Beginners

Computer Hardware

Computer Networks (archive 1)

Computer Networks (archive 2)

DOS (Disk Operating System) (archive 1)

DOS (Disk Operating System) (archive 2)

Microsoft Windows

Operating Systems (archive 1)

Operating Systems (archive 2)

PC Hardware (archive 1)

PC Hardware (archive 2)

PCs (archive 1)

PCs (archive 2)

PCs (archive 3)

PCs (archive 4)

PCs (archive 5)

PCs (archive 6)

Physics (archive 1)

Physics (archive 2)

Systems Engineering (archive 1)

Systems Engineering (archive 2)


Visual Basic

Windows 95 & 98

Windows NT


FAQ - Computer Hardware

FAQ - Computer Networks

FAQ - DOS (Disk Operating System)

FAQ - Operating Systems

FAQ - PC Hardware


FAQ - Physics

FAQ - Systems Engineering


FAQ - Visual Basic

FAQ - Windows 95 & 98

FAQ - Windows NT